About Misma Company


MISMA® Company has been an expert in Animal Feed manufacturing for livestock and domestic animals for many years. 


is our fundamental principle which defines our company’s basis and has become our mission.

MISMA Company has been a partner of the Animal Feed Ingredients Market since 2009. We are an official supplier of the world renowned brands of natural feed additives, vitamins and amino acids, offering our customers unique feed solutions, including assortments by our own MISMA™ and BIOPROMIS™ brands.

Our knowledge and expertise in the field of animal nutrition are reflected in our own pet food brand - LANDOR™. The vision for this brand is to have the highest quality product while integrating the concept of natural and balanced nutrition for pets, with the main focus on their specific health and lifestyle needs. Developed by a team of European nutritionists in collaboration with our company’s veterinarians and experts, the unique recipes of LANDOR™’s wet and dry feeds are being produced at the leading production facilities of the European Union since 2017, bringing joy to our main consumers – cats and dogs!

Following the principles of sustainable development, in 2018 MISMA® Company invested in a unique technology for processing organic substrates through the use of insects - zooprotein.com, which aims to produce highly digestible protein, entomological fat, and organic fertilizers. As a pioneer of this technology, MISMA™ takes part in several production projects, offering to the market high-quality flour and fat produced from insects to be used in pet food and aquaculture feeds.

In 2019, MISMA® expanded its presence in the European market by establishing Misma GmbH in Hamburg, Germany. In particular, increased trading capacity of the Port of Hamburg enabled us to optimize logistics for both our customers and suppliers, within the European Union and beyond its boundaries.

Establishing Misma GmbH in Hamburg was an important stepping stone for our corporate development, granting us and our customers access to the best international practices in the field of animal feeds.

Choosing to work with Misma GmbH will guarantee you a partnership with a reliable supplier of high-quality feed additives, pet food, and uniquely developed sources of protein, from a first-class feeding expert with great customer service. MISMA® Company’s operations are certified in accordance with the GMP+ quality management standard.

On our website you can find comprehensive information about the products, current projects, innovations and trademarks of MISMA® Company.