❯ GMP+ certification

GMP+ certification

The safety of products supplied by Misma GmbH complies with GMP+ FSA standards.

The production of animal feed is an important step of the overall responsibility in the food chain, including human food.

The safety of the product can be guaranted due to manufacturer`s certification.

Sharing the desire for the safety of feed and food products, Misma GmbH confirmed the quality of its products by obtaining a GMP+ B3 certificate.

We believe that everyone should have access to safe food, despite the territorial affiliation. 

As a participant in the process of animal nutrition production, we strive to produce and sell feed additives and ingredients that meet international safety standards.

The GMP+ certificate confirms that Misma GmbH supplies ingredients in accordance with the highest quality standards in feed industry.

We are proud to contribute to feed & food safety worldwide.