Biopromis Niacin

Biopromis Niacin

Biopromis Niacin is used to normalize metabolism in the body, to ensure high growth and development of farm animals and poultry.

Niacin in the composition of the feed additive increases the body's needs for niacin and prevents the manifestation of vitamin deficiency symptoms due to a lack of this vitamin. The nicotinic acid entering the body is absorbed in the stomach and duodenum, then enters the liver, where it is converted into nicotinic acid amide, which acquires biological activity by combining with nucleotides, and forms the coenzymes NAD + and NADP +, which are involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, proteins. Niacin has key functions in energy metabolism. In addition, it is essential for the maintenance of the normal function of the nervous system, skin (feathers) and digestive organs.

GMO free.

Compatible with all compound feed components, medicines and other feed additives.

Livestock and poultry products, after using the feed additive Biopromis Niacin, can be used for food purposes without restrictions.

Product composition: niacin obtained by chemical synthesis - 99.0-100.0%.

Package: 25 kg bags

Shelf life: 60 months