A highly digestible source of protein from fly Larvae with a prebiotic and immunostimulating effect.

What is special?

Flour from fly Larvae has several advantages over traditionally used sources of protein:

  • contains raw protein of at Least 62%, with an absorption rate of at least 88%;
  • chitin and chitosan have a strong prebiotic effect on intestinal microflora;
  • melanin and antimicrobial peptides in the composition have immunostimulating and anti-stress effect;
  • laurie acid (up to 50% of fat composition) has a strong bactericidal effect on gram+ bacteria;
  • low ash content;
  • lack of anti-nutritional factors.
Appearance : Powder from beige to dark brown with a distinctive odor.

Content: Dried, crushed and degreased flylarvae Hermetia illucens with raw mine protein content. 62% and fat no more than 12%.

Recommended dosages:

 Pigs 0,5-4% of f eed weight
 Poultry 0,5-5% of feed weight
 Turkey 0,5-5% of feed weight
 Fish 0,5-20% of feed weight

Package: Bags of 20 and 25 kg

Shelf Life: 12 months