Biopromis Е50

Biopromis Е50

Biopromis E 50 is a feed supplement for vitamin E.

Vitamin E binds free radicals; has an antitoxic effect on cellular metabolism; participates in hormonal metabolism; maintains the stability of the membranes of the heart and skeletal muscles; plays an important role in the reproduction of animals and poultry; stimulates the production of antibodies and phagocytosis.

Biopromis E 50 is compatible with all feed ingredients, medicines and other feed additives.

Product appearance: free-flowing white or yellowish powder, partially soluble in water.

Product composition: vitamin E (dl-a-tocopherol acetate) - at least 50% and silicon dioxide as a carrier - up to 100%.

Package: 25 kg/500 kg bags

Shelf life: 24 months